An author, a socio-political worker, a former corporate personal, a seasoned first-generation entrepreneur Mr. M Nayeem Hossain traverse with him numerous worlds of diverse experience rarely encountered in a single individual. With an extensive career spanning near two and a half decades


Vision: Empowering Individuals for an Enhanced Quality of Life in Our Nation.

Mission: Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of Our Fellow Citizens.


“At the core of inspiration lies a profound commitment to helping people and serving the country, addressing challenges and making a positive impact. It is through the dedication to empowering individuals and finding innovative solutions that a better future for the nation is envisioned. With a compassionate approach, unwavering efforts, and the ability to inspire others, a lasting and transformative difference is forged.”

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Present Roles:
President, Bangladesh Foreign Employment Council (2020 – Till Date)
President & CEO, 360 Consultancy Services (2021 – Till Date)
President, Nagorik Dhaka (2018 – Till Date)
Chairman, Unitas Group (2011 – Till Date)
President, Bangladesh Supply Chain Council (2006  – Till Date)

Past Roles:
Country Representative, Supply Chain Asia (2011 – 2012)
Procurement Director, UNDP (2008 – 2011)
President, North South University Alumni Association (2005 – 2018)
Sourcing Manager, BATB (2004 – 2008)
Materials Planning Manager, Novartis 2004
President, North South University MBA Club (2001 – 2002)
Executive Plan & Proc, Sanofi Aventis (1999 – 2004)

Work And Activities

BCRA Award Giving Ceremony - MNH

Book Publication in Book Fair - MNH

Annual tree plantation program - Nagorik Dhaka

Localizing SDGs for Better city living - Nagorik Dhaka

Smart Dhaka City Planning - Nagorik Dhaka

Smart Dhaka City Workshop - Nagorik Dhaka

BABISAS AWARD Giving Ceremony - MNH

BFEC Executive Committee Meeting - BFEC

BFEC Chief Patron Directs BFEC Core Team - BFEC

BFEC Meeting with Ambassadors & MOFA - BFEC

Speeches and vlogs


Nagorik Dhaka - নাগরিক ঢাকা

Nagorik Dhaka works for the betterment of Dhaka city and its citizens and aims to make the city one of the top global cities in the world in next two decades.

Bangladesh Foreign Employment Council - BFEC

BFEC aims to bring a positive change in the foreign employment of Bangladesh work forces around the globe through transforming employability to global market.

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